Wafit for Letting Agents

As a letting agent, you are probably responsible for organising repairs and renewals with tradespeople for the properties you manage.

These repairs can often be expensive and unexpected for your client landlords.

Whilst insurance is an option for landlords the cost of insurance can be considerable, difficult to claim and time-consuming, claims may also lead to higher premiums and excess charges.

Wafit’s option is simple. If an unexpected repair arises the cost can be paid for with interest-free credit.

A great way to add benefit to your agency.
Add extra margins to your services.
Reduced payment stress.

how it works example

  • A roof repair becomes necessary.
  • The cost of the repair is quoted by your tradesperson at estimated at £1500.
  • The estimate is entered into the Wafit system at £1725, including 15% fee.
  • The estimate is sent to the landlord.
  • The landlord applies for the interest-free credit with a soft check, getting an instant decision. (This does not impact their credit file; approx. 96% approval)
  • Once approved, they can continue the credit application.
    (Application takes about 1 minute)
  • The letting agent is notified within 2 minutes that funds are approved.
  • The letting agent is paid the full balance of £1500 after fees in 48 to 72 hours.
    (often before the work has started)
  • The landlord pays for the interest-free loan over up to 12 months.
    (£1725 over 12 months = £143.75/month)
  • The letting agent can confidently agree to repairs or negotiate further with the contractor, knowing the cash is in their bank.

Add a new quote in seconds to your online warehouse.
Then offer it to landlords using *interest-free credit, with payments over up to 12 months.

Once entered the item is permanently stored in your warehouse until you remove it. A great way to keep control over your repair estimates and to sell your service items with the minimum of effort.
All of your transactions are visable in your warehouse to maintain complete control.

To add a service or repair just upload a picture or use a generic logo add a brief description and price. You can even add the cost of management (you can use our automatic cost calculator to assist you). *Credit subject to status.


One-off contracts or selling repeat products or services

We make the whole process of repairs and renewals simple, from your tradespeople to your client. You can offer products and services easily with your very own Wafit account.
These can be added to or updated at anytime with a mobile, smart device or laptop, (PC or Mac).
From your warehouse you can send a direct link to your client via email and text. The client or  landlord can apply for credit in minutes with an instant response, 96% of applications are approved.

  • Online Quotation Warehouse
  • SNAPit- WAFit
  • Low monthly subscription
  • 15% Credit Charge

You Should Know

The whole process can be done in minutes, from application to offer.

Quotes and estimates can be added just like any other product. These can instantly be sent to the client, if they agree they simply complete the application and the purchase is processed.

After a successful application, we ask for proof of delivery. Payment is then released to the required bank account, the balance less our fees are deposited within 72 hours.

Interested in our services?

Use our calculator below to view how pricing and fees are calculated.
Minimal value for a sale is £75. Credit may be offered over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months depending on product or service value.