Very simply, selling with interest-free credit is a huge incentive for customers to buy.
Sales can increase by 35% because of this simple offering.
With our scheme sellers can literally start to offer interest-free options to their customers within a few hours.

How would selling with interest-free credit
help your business?

• Sales increased by up to 45%
• Average order value up by 60%
• Finance orders have made up 60% of total sales
• Conversation rate increased by up to 60%

What other benefits come with Wafit?

• QR code labels for Point of Sale
• Soft Credit checks for buyers.
• Ready to use online web software
• A fully working back office and online store
• Direct access to the interest-free credit via an online app

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Selling with interest-free credit is a real game changer for all business's, start selling more now. 

All our systems come with complete help guides. These guides will have you up and running within minutes. You'll quickly be able to sell your products and services using interest-free credit.

Up to 12 months interest-free credit for your customers*

*Subject to status you can offer up to 12 months interest-free credit

How it works for your buyers.
How does it work from the buyer’s perspective?
In simple terms your products and services are available online in a virtual warehouse.

When a customer wants to use the interest-free option you send them a link via email or text, from which they apply for the credit (96% of applications are approved). Once the credit is approved and accepted by the customer, the seller is immediately notified and the product or service can be released or delivered to the buyer.
The whole process takes less than a few minutes.

  • The buyer receives a Wafit product link.
  • The buyer applies for the credit via the link.
  • The buyer can perform a soft check (this does not effect on your credit file). 
  • A lending decision is given in seconds.  

Up to 96% approval

Full support

Sell your Products & Services using Interest-free credit*.

*Subject to status you can offer up to 12 months interest-free credit to your customers. Directly from your store, online shop, or website.

How it works for sellers
How does it work from the seller’s perspective?

  • The seller subscribes to one of our options (whichever meets their needs best).
  • An account is created instantly.
  • Products and services can be added to their virtual product warehouse. As soon as these are entered, they are eligible for the interest-free scheme.
  • Once a customer has made a successful purchase, the seller is notified within minutes and can deliver or complete the product or service.
  • Purchases made via the scheme are paid to the seller once delivery, collection or service has been made. Payments are normally within 48 hours (during busy weekends this may take a little longer).
  • The seller keeps the payment even if the buyer defaults on the credit scheme.

No set-up costs

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